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Meanwood Church of England Primary School

Meanwood Church of England Primary School
Green Road
West Yorkshire

0113 2755883

Headteacher: Mrs H Sanderson


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213 pupils aged 4—10y mixed gender
203 pupils capacity: 105% full

115 boys 54%


100 girls 47%


Last updated: June 19, 2014

Primary — Voluntary Aided School

Education phase
Religious character
Church of England
Establishment type
Voluntary Aided School
Establishment #
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 428207, Northing: 437316
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 53.831, Longitude: -1.5729
Accepting pupils
4—11 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Ofsted last inspection
June 5, 2013
Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales
Region › Const. › Ward
Yorkshire and the Humber › Leeds North East › Moortown
Urban > 10k - less sparse
Investor in People
Committed IiP Status
Free school meals %

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Inspection Report

Unique Reference Number108046
Local AuthorityLeeds
Inspection number309581
Inspection date15 July 2008
Reporting inspectorMarie Cordey

This inspection of the school was carried out under section 5 of the Education Act 2005.

Type of schoolPrimary
School categoryVoluntary aided
Age range of pupils4-11
Gender of pupilsMixed
Number on roll (school)211
Appropriate authorityThe governing body
Date of previous school inspection26 January 2004
School addressGreen Road
West Yorkshire LS6 4LD
Telephone number0113 2755883
Fax number0113 2755883
ChairMr Phillip Carr
HeadteacherMrs H Sanderson


The inspection was carried out by one Additional Inspector.

The inspector evaluated the overall effectiveness of the school and investigated the following issues: pupils' achievement and standards; the quality of teaching and learning; pupils' personal development and well-being; and how well the school's leadership promotes care and high standards. Evidence was gathered from national published assessment data, the school's self-evaluation, assessment records, policies and minutes, observation of lessons, pupils' work, discussions with pupils, staff, the vice-chair of governors and foundation governor, and the questionnaires returned by parents. Other aspects of the school's work were not investigated in detail, but the inspector found no evidence to suggest that the school's own assessments in its self-evaluation form were not justified. These have been included, where appropriate, in the report.

Description of the school

This is a small school set in a village location. The vast majority of the pupils are of White British heritage. The proportion of pupils who are eligible for free school meals is below average and the numbers of pupils who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities is average. The school has gained the Advanced Healthy Schools Award, Activemark Gold and Artsmark Gold awards and Investors in People and Investors in Pupils status.

Key for inspection grades
Grade 1Outstanding
Grade 2Good
Grade 3Satisfactory
Grade 4Inadequate

Overall effectiveness of the school

Grade: 1

This is an outstanding school that provides the highest quality of care and education. Parents agree, they say, 'This school is simply amazing.' All staff and governors are totally united in creating a very secure foundation for pupils' outstanding personal and academic development. From entering the Reception class with below average skills, children make excellent progress through both Key Stage 1 and 2 to achieve above average standards by the end of Year 6. Pupils are exceptionally knowledgeable and well informed in mathematics, science and reading. Writing standards are broadly average and the school has accurately identified improving pupils' skills in story writing and extending their vocabulary as a priority. The continuous improvement to pupils' achievement and standards over recent years reflects the outstanding leadership and management and the relentless drive to improve standards.

Outstanding teaching and learning are based on exceptionally high expectations for every pupil. These are based on excellent knowledge of every pupil's individual needs. Lessons are very exciting and pupils really enjoy their learning. In a Year 2 lesson, pupils added to their understanding and application of life skills by weighing, peeling and preparing vegetables. They had dug these up from the school garden. Teachers, together with support staff, plan lessons very well so that they meet the needs of all pupils. Those pupils who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities are supported extremely well and make outstanding progress. Pupils are included in the assessment of their learning and this ensures that they are aware of how they are doing in their work and what is needed to prepare them for the next steps in their learning. Pupils' progress is rigorously tracked and evaluated and effective action is taken if pupils are in danger of falling behind.

Excellent provision for information and communication technology (ICT) has improved pupils' skills in all other subjects, particularly in mathematics. Another example of the outstanding curriculum is the way in which teachers incorporate a creative approach to learning in a range of areas in English, mathematics and ICT lessons. Consequently, pupils are well-informed, for example, about current affairs, personal fitness, art and music. The very successful choir includes most of the older pupils who relish performance and enjoy advising members of the parents' choir.

Parents acknowledge that, 'There is a strong sense of community and our children have the confidence to achieve.' This reflects the pupils' outstanding personal development. Pupils' behaviour is exemplary and they are very welcoming and courteous. They make an outstanding contribution to their community through musical performances and enthusiastic fund-raising for the local hospice. In turn, representatives from the community are happy to work with the school. Local, elderly residents, for instance, visit school to speak about local history and teach pupils' how to play playground games from the past. Pupils are proud to represent their school on the school council, as school captains, sports and music captains and in responsible roles helping others such as 'Peer mediators' and play organisers. They choose to eat healthily and enjoy the many sporting opportunities that are available for them. Their excellent attitudes are based on adults' respect for them and the school's emphasis on care and tolerance towards all. Pupils thrive at Meanwood and attend well.

The school's outstanding headteacher promotes excellence in care and education for all. Excellent leadership and management ensure that pupils are safeguarded and that their care, guidance and support are outstanding. Pupils know how to keep safe and they are very well prepared for the future. Challenging targets are used very well to raise standards. Links with outside services such as educational psychologists, special educational needs specialists and local authority partners make an outstanding contribution to pupils' achievement and well-being. There have been some changes to the governing body in the last year and governors are committed to training in order to further develop their roles. They question the personal and academic development of pupils and regularly attend school both to support pupils and to check on the school's effectiveness. Based on a strong record of improvement since the previous inspection and the impact of its very effective self-evaluation, the school has outstanding capacity to improve further.

Effectiveness of the Foundation Stage

Grade: 1

Children in the Foundation Stage settle very quickly because of excellent provision for their personal development and welfare. Parents have many opportunities to come into the Reception class before their child joins the school so that they can help their child prepare for school life. Children make outstanding progress from their below average starting points because of excellent teaching and leadership. Consequently, by the time children leave Reception, many have exceeded the early learning goals for their age. Planning is exceptionally detailed and rigorous in order to excite children and to involve them in their learning. It incorporates the teaching of letter sounds and of number recognition into children's everyday activities. This has accelerated children's progress in writing and their knowledge of numbers. A secure foundation of care and commitment to every child's welfare ensures that children become much more independent, confident and self-reliant.

What the school should do to improve further

  • Improve standards in writing, particularly story writing and use of vocabulary.

Annex A

Inspection judgements

Key to judgements: grade 1 is outstanding, grade 2 good, grade 3 satisfactory, and grade 4 inadequateSchool Overall
Overall effectiveness
How effective, efficient and inclusive is the provision of education, integrated care and any extended services in meeting the needs of learners?1
Effective steps have been taken to promote improvement since the last inspection Yes
How well does the school work in partnership with others to promote learners' well-being?1
The effectiveness of the Foundation Stage1
The capacity to make any necessary improvements1
Achievement and standards
How well do learners achieve?1
The standards1 reached by learners2
How well learners make progress, taking account of any significant variations between groups of learners1
How well learners with learning difficulties and disabilities make progress1
1 Grade 1 - Exceptionally and consistently high; Grade 2 - Generally above average with none significantly below average; Grade 3 - Broadly average to below average; Grade 4 - Exceptionally low.
Personal development and well-being
How good is the overall personal development and well-being of the learners?1
The extent of learners' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development1
The extent to which learners adopt healthy lifestyles1
The extent to which learners adopt safe practices1
How well learners enjoy their education1
The attendance of learners2
The behaviour of learners1
The extent to which learners make a positive contribution to the community1
How well learners develop workplace and other skills that will contribute to their future economic well-being1
The quality of provision
How effective are teaching and learning in meeting the full range of the learners' needs?1
How well do the curriculum and other activities meet the range of needs and interests of learners?1
How well are learners cared for, guided and supported?1
Leadership and management
How effective are leadership and management in raising achievement and supporting all learners?1
How effectively leaders and managers at all levels set clear direction leading to improvement and promote high quality of care and education1
How effectively leaders and managers use challenging targets to raise standards1
The effectiveness of the school's self-evaluation1
How well equality of opportunity is promoted and discrimination tackled so that all learners achieve as well as they can1
How effectively and efficiently resources, including staff, are deployed to achieve value for money 1
The extent to which governors and other supervisory boards discharge their responsibilities 2
Do procedures for safeguarding learners meet current government requirements?Yes
Does this school require special measures?No
Does this school require a notice to improve?No

Annex B

Text from letter to pupils explaining the findings of the inspection

Thank you very much for the warm welcome you gave to me when I came to inspect your school. I would especially like to thank the pupils who met with me to give their views about school and the many other pupils who willingly took the time to talk to me. The special presentation by the choir and the pizza made for me by a child in the Reception class were lovely surprises.

I agree with you and your parents that Meanwood is a brilliant school. You are making excellent progress because of outstanding teaching and are reaching standards above those reached by children in most other schools. Your writing is not quite as good as your work in other subjects and so I have asked your school to develop your skills in story writing.

You like to be involved in lessons, especially those you can apply to your life outside school. For example, I learned a lot about road safety, keeping healthy and looking after my heart from all of the pupils! One of the best things about your school is the way you look after each other and respect people in your community. This is because of the outstanding way the school looks after you and helps you to understand others. Children in the Reception classes settle down very quickly because of the excellent care they receive and they enjoy coming to school.

Leaders in your school are doing a terrific job and make sure your school just gets better and better!

I wish you all the best for your future.

Any complaints about the inspection or the report should be made following the procedures set out in the guidance 'Complaints about school inspections', which is available from Ofsted's website:

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