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Lucas Vale Primary School

Lucas Vale Primary School
Thornville Street

020 86924660

Headteacher: Ms M Harracksingh

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419 pupils aged 2—10y mixed gender
343 pupils capacity: 122% full

220 boys 53%


200 girls 48%

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Last updated: June 18, 2014

Primary — Community School

Education phase
Establishment type
Community School
Establishment #
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 537042, Northing: 176596
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 51.472, Longitude: -0.028276
Accepting pupils
3—11 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Ofsted last inspection
March 2, 2010
Region › Const. › Ward
London › Lewisham, Deptford › Brockley
Urban > 10k - less sparse
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Ofsted report transcript

Inspection Report

Lucas Vale Primary School

100695Unique Reference Number
LewishamLocal Authority
285849Inspection number
13 October 2006Inspection date
Steven HillReporting inspector

This inspection of the school was carried out under section 5 of the Education Act 2005.

Thornville StreetSchool addressPrimaryType of school
LondonCommunitySchool category

311Age range of pupils

020 8692 4660Telephone numberMixedGender of pupils
020 8305 8619Fax number272Number on roll (school)
Rosie FooksChairThe governing bodyAppropriate authority
Alexandra HardyHeadteacher

4 June 2001Date of previous school


Inspection numberInspection dateAge group

28584913 October 2006311

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Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006


The inspection was carried out by an Additional Inspector.

Description of the school

This is a medium-sized primary school with nursery provision. It is ethnically diverse,
with just 16% of pupils from a White British background. About 70% of pupils come
from different Black heritages and 10% from Eastern Europe. Pupils' social and

economic circumstances are much less favourable than average, with over 50% entitled

to free school meals. There is a high proportion of pupils with learning difficulties or
disabilities. A very high proportion of pupils speak English as an additional language,
with increasing numbers at the early stages of learning English. Mobility is very high,
with large numbers of pupils starting school at other than the usual time. Many of
these are new to this country and to the English language. The overall attainment of
pupils when they start in the school is much lower than that usually found in schools

Key for inspection grades

OutstandingGrade 1
GoodGrade 2
SatisfactoryGrade 3
InadequateGrade 4

1Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006

Overall effectiveness of the school

Grade: 2

This is a good and improving school. Pupils of all backgrounds thrive socially and
academically in an atmosphere where all pupils are included. The care, support and
guidance provided to pupils are outstanding, resulting in a happy, harmonious
multi-racial community where pupils know they are valued and enjoy learning. Good

leadership and management have resulted in improvements in standards and behaviour

in the last two years.
Pupils' achievement is good because of good teaching. Despite low attainment when
pupils start, they make good progress, and standards are in line with national averages
by the time they leave in Year 6. However, a large proportion of pupils throughout
the school still have weaknesses in their speaking and listening skills. Pupils who stay

at this school throughout their primary years achieve standards that are above average.

Bilingual pupils make good progress in learning English, because of the effective help
they are given, based on thorough assessment of their progress. Children who start
in the Foundation Stage get off to a good start because of the sensitive support and
good teaching they receive in both Nursery and Reception classes. Pupils who arrive
at different times, in all year-groups, are also given carefully tailored support to help
them settle in happily and achieve well in lessons.
Teachers have high expectations of pupils' work and behaviour and manage classes
well. They work hard to make lessons interesting, so pupils concentrate well and say
that learning is fun. Behaviour is good and pupils work hard and take a pride in their
achievements. Teachers make good use of practical activities to generate enthusiasm,
and pupils work well as part of a team. However, sometimes opportunities are missed
to develop pupils' speaking and listening skills in a structured way.

The school's curriculum is satisfactory, and is enhanced by a range of visitors and visits.

There is good provision for extra-curricular clubs, particularly for older pupils. This
year the school is experimenting with a new curriculum to make better links between

subjects, and to provide more effectively for mixed-age classes. This is not yet complete

and its effectiveness has not been assessed.
The leadership of the headteacher and senior colleagues has led to better
self-evaluation, which is now good. The information gained, from a more detailed

monitoring of teaching quality and pupils' progress, has been used to improve teaching

and raise standards. Many middle managers are new to their posts and have not had
the opportunity to make an impact on their subjects. They have had little chance to
check on provision and standards, in subjects other than English, mathematics and
science. This is now a priority for the school, which is well poised to improve further,
based on its record of improvements to date.

What the school should do to improve further

  • Improve pupils' speaking and listening skills by providing more structured
    opportunities to develop them in lessons.
    2Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006
  • Increase the role of middle managers, particularly in monitoring provision and
    outcomes in subjects across the curriculum.
  • Complete the implementation of the new curriculum structure and evaluate its

Achievement and standards

Grade: 2

In Reception and the Nursery pupils achieve well, particularly in their personal, social

and emotional development. However, their standards are still well below those normally

found by the time they go into Year 1, because of their low starting points. Standards
by the end of Year 2 have been below average in reading, writing and mathematics
for two years, an improvement following a dip in 2004 when standards were

exceptionally low. The current standards represent good progress, particularly as many

pupils are still getting to grips with speaking and writing English during Years 1 and
For the last two years, pupils in Years 3 to 6 have made good progress by building on
the good start in the earlier classes to reach average standards by the end of Year 6.
This year, pupils in Year 6 who had been in the school since Reception achieved
standards above the national average. Very few failed to reach the expected Level 4,
compared to schools nationally.
All pupils achieve well including bilingual pupils, pupils who start at different times
and those with learning difficulties or disabilities. This is because of good teaching,
and extra help that is carefully targeted on those pupils who need it.

Personal development and well-being

Grade: 2

Pupils' personal development and well-being are good. Behaviour is good in class and
pupils work hard, both individually and collaboratively. Boys and girls from different
ethnic groups get on well with each other and with their teachers. Although a few
pupils sometimes find it difficult to conform to expected standards of behaviour, this
improves as they get older because staff deal firmly and sensitively with any issues.
As a result, there is little disruption to learning. In conversation, pupils stressed that
behaviour in the playground had improved in recent years and is now good. Pupils'
spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good. Pupils have a good

understanding of healthy lifestyles and were active in pressing for more healthy options

for school lunches. They contribute well to the life of the school, particularly through
the school council, and play a big part in the local community, as well as further afield,

including through supporting charities. They know how to keep themselves safe. Pupils

enjoy school, both in lessons and socially and take a pride in their accomplishments.
Their good progress in basic skills, good teamwork, and positive attitudes to work

stand them in good stead for their future lives, both in education and outside. Although

3Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006

pupils' attendance is below average, the school is working diligently and successfully
to improve this.

Quality of provision

Teaching and learning

Grade: 2

Pupils respond positively to teachers' high expectations of work and behaviour, so
that teaching and learning are good. Teaching in the Nursery and Reception draws a
good balance between activities directed by the adults, and good opportunities for
children to make choices and develop their independence. Here, as in the rest of the

school, very good relationships with staff contribute to pupils' confidence and progress.

Pupils enjoy their lessons and generally concentrate well on the interesting tasks that
teachers give them.
Teachers make good use of the school's vastly improved assessment information to
match work carefully to pupils' needs. Effective extra help is given, by both teachers
and the highly skilled teaching assistants, to pupils who need it. This includes those
who are just learning English, pupils who arrive at different times of year, and those
with learning difficulties and disabilities. This is a major factor in their good
achievement. Collaborative work is promoted well so that pupils are good at working
in teams by the time they reach Year 6. However, sometimes opportunities are missed
to develop pupils' speaking and listening skills.

Curriculum and other activities

Grade: 3

The curriculum is satisfactory. The school is currently trying a new plan to make better

links between different subjects, and to provide more effectively for mixed-age classes.

This is successful in generating interest for pupils and is resulting in lively and engaging

lessons. The school has yet to finally formalise the curriculum in writing, and to analyse

its effectiveness, particularly in how well it covers all the required strands of different
subjects. There is a good range of enrichment activities provided for older pupils, and
an increasing number are being provided for the younger classes. The curriculum
provides well for pupils' personal, social and health education, and makes good use
of pupils' varied backgrounds to enrich the provision for cultural education.

Care, guidance and support

Grade: 1

The pastoral care given to pupils is excellent, and is due to be expanded by the

appointment of a member of staff to support the emotional development of vulnerable

pupils. Systems to keep pupils safe and healthy are well established and effective.
Recent improvements in tracking pupils' progress mean that the school is able to
provide good academic guidance to individuals, securely based on this information.

4Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006

This underpins their improving standards and personal development. Extremely good
links with other organisations and schools are used well to help pupils succeed.
Extremely good systems are in place to ensure that new pupils are welcomed into
school and feel safe, secure, happy and ready to learn. The parent of one recent arrival
wrote '...he's really enjoying it ...I've seen some excellent displays of behaviour by
many children ...he's coming on in leaps and bounds.' Pupils who arrive at different
times receive a thorough and detailed programme to settle them into school and to
assess their needs. This underpins their subsequent good progress both academically

and socially. The progress for pupils from different minority ethnic groups is monitored

carefully, and action taken to help any who fall behind. Careful track is kept of the
progress of bilingual pupils in learning English, so that work and extra help can be
matched closely to their needs. The provision for pupils with learning difficulties and
disabilities is managed well, and their individual education plans are of good quality.

Leadership and management

Grade: 2

Outstanding leadership from the headteacher and very good support from the senior
leadership team have led to significant improvements in the last two years. Standards
have gone up and behaviour has improved. Strengths in pastoral care have been built
upon, particularly through the extensive help given to pupils who arrive at different
times. This enables them to settle in quickly and make progress. Good self-evaluation
underpins the improvements made. Thorough tracking of pupils' achievements has
been established and data is used well to identify needs and then to address them.
This includes specific help to individuals, as well as addressing issues that affect the
whole school. Regular monitoring of teaching by the headteacher has led to helpful
feedback, improving the quality of teaching across the school.

A particular strength is the way in which members of the 'inclusion team' work together

to address the needs of minority ethnic groups, bilingual pupils, new arrivals and pupils

with learning difficulties and disabilities. This ensures that no one 'slips through the
net' and all pupils get the support they need.
All staff work together effectively as a team. As yet, middle managers have not had
enough opportunities to monitor progress and to provide support to colleagues,
particularly in subjects other than English, mathematics and science. The school has

identified this as a priority and has sound plans in place to address the issue. Governors

are strongly supportive of the school and have a good understanding of its strengths
and of the areas that need to develop.

5Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006


Any complaints about the inspection or the report should be made following the procedures
set out in the guidance 'Complaints about school inspection', which is available from Ofsted’s

6Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006

Inspection judgements


Key to judgements: grade 1 is outstanding, grade 2 good, grade 3 satisfactory, and grade 4

Overall effectiveness


How effective, efficient and inclusive is the provision of education, integrated
care and any extended services in meeting the needs of learners?


How well does the school work in partnership with others to promote learners'

2The quality and standards in the Foundation Stage
2The effectiveness of the school's self-evaluation
2The capacity to make any necessary improvements


Effective steps have been taken to promote improvement since the last

Achievement and standards

2How well do learners achieve?

The standards


reached by learners


How well learners make progress, taking account of any significant variations between

groups of learners

2How well learners with learning difficulties and disabilities make progress

Personal development and well-being


How good is the overall personal development and well-being of the

2The extent of learners' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
2The behaviour of learners
3The attendance of learners
2How well learners enjoy their education
3The extent to which learners adopt safe practices
2The extent to which learners adopt healthy lifestyles
2The extent to which learners make a positive contribution to the community

How well learners develop workplace and other skills that will contribute to
their future economic well-being

The quality of provision


How effective are teaching and learning in meeting the full range of the
learners' needs?


How well do the curriculum and other activities meet the range of needs
and interests of learners?

1How well are learners cared for, guided and supported?


Grade 1 - Exceptionally and consistently high; Grade 2 - Generally above average with none significantly

below average; Grade 3 - Broadly average to below average; Grade 4 - Exceptionally low.

7Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006

Annex A

Leadership and management


How effective are leadership and management in raising achievement
and supporting all learners?


How effectively leaders and managers at all levels set clear direction leading
to improvement and promote high quality of care and education


How effectively performance is monitored, evaluated and improved to meet
challenging targets


How well equality of opportunity is promoted and discrimination tackled so
that all learners achieve as well as they can


How effectively and efficiently resources, including staff, are deployed to
achieve value for money


The extent to which governors and other supervisory boards discharge their


Do procedures for safeguarding learners meet current government

NoDoes this school require special measures?
NoDoes this school require a notice to improve?

8Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006

Annex A

Text from letter to pupils explaining the findings of the inspection

Thank you for a warm welcome when I visited your school recently. I enjoyed talking to you
and watching at work. This is what I found.
Lucas Vale is a good school, where everyone is made very welcome and you all get on well with
each other. Your behaviour is good, and you enjoy school, even though sometimes a few pupils
forget themselves and are a little silly. You are making good progress with your work because
your teachers are good at helping you to learn. Lessons are interesting and fun. Your teachers
are trying out different ways of organising the subjects this year, to make them even more
interesting. They need to finish this and to check up on how well it has worked. You have done
really well in reading, writing and mathematics in the last few years, but some of you still need
to make more progress with your skills in speaking and listening.
All the staff work hard to make sure everyone is looked after really well. They keep a very
careful eye on how you are getting on, so they quickly spot if anyone needs extra help, and
make sure they get it. The headteacher, governors and all the other staff organise the school
well and are always trying to make improvements. They have good systems to see how things
are going. Not all the teachers have been able to join in the work to improve things in different
subjects, and the school is planning to change this soon.
To get even better, the school needs to

  • Give you more chances to improve your speaking and listening skills. You can help by
    working hard at this.
  • Make sure that more teachers have the chance to help in organising the different subjects.
  • Finish the new planning for the different subjects, and make sure it is working.
    I hope you all carry on enjoying school.
    With very best wishes,
    Steven Hill
    Lead inspector
    9Inspection Report: Lucas Vale Primary School, 13 October 2006
    Annex B

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