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King Fahad Academy

King Fahad Academy
Bromyard Avenue

phone: 020 87430131

general director: Dr Othman Alzamil


school holidays: via Ealing council

553 pupils aged 2—18y mixed gender
620 pupils capacity: 89% full

280 boys 51%


275 girls 50%


Last updated: June 18, 2014

— Other Independent School

Religious character
Establishment type
Other Independent School
Establishment #
Open date
Dec. 19, 1985
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 521464, Northing: 180656
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 51.512, Longitude: -0.25105
Accepting pupils
3—18 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Region › Const. › Ward
London › Ealing Central and Acton › East Acton
Urban > 10k - less sparse
Admissions policy
Sixth form
Has a sixth form
Learning provider ref #

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List of schools in Ealing

Emergency inspection school report

King Fahad Academy

Bromyard Avenue, Acton, London, W3 7HD

Inspection dates 23 April 2015
Overall outcome Independent school standards met

Reason for the inspection

  • The inspection was undertaken at the request of the registration authority for
    independent schools, following information received. The main aims of the inspection
    were to examine how well the school provides for the health, welfare and safety of
    pupils. In addition, the inspection aimed to examine the quality of teaching and the
    curriculum, including how well the school provides for the spiritual, moral, social and
    cultural development of pupils. These are Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Independent Schools
    Main findings
  • Teachers’ good subject knowledge helps most pupils to make good progress. However,
    in a small number of cases, there is variability in the quality of pupils’ work. A small
    number of students say that some teachers do not expect enough of them. This means
    that more needs to be done to improve how some teachers plan learning, if teaching is
    to be judged good. However, students are interested in their learning and most say that
    teachers help them learn well. Teachers make good use of a wide range of good quality
    resources. This engages students and helps them develop their knowledge and
  • Learning in the early years and Key Stage 1 provides a sound basis for children to
    develop self-knowledge, for example by learning about their own families. They learn
    that people come from different countries and have different backgrounds. Collaborative
    learning and social activities help them develop self-esteem, and respect for and
    curiosity about others.
  • The school has a framework for assessing pupils’ work. This tracks pupils’ progress.
    Leaders use this to arrange additional support and intervention where pupils are
    underachieving. The school reviews pupils’ achievement at each stage of the
    International Baccalaureate qualification.
  • The school’s curriculum policy, based on the International Baccalaureate, is supported
    by detailed schemes of work and medium-term plans. These take into account the
    learning needs of pupils, including those with identified special educational needs.
  • The curriculum in the Early Years and Foundation Stage, throughout key stages 2 to 4
    and in the sixth form fully supports and promotes fundamental British values. The
    school celebrates the multi-national nature of the school. This reduces the risk of racism
    and intolerance of others. Pupils learn about other religions as well as their own. The
    development of personal skills and projects such as presentations about fundamental
    British values preclude the promotion of partisan political views. Speakers and visitors to
    the school, such as senior police officers and politicians, demonstrate how the school
    promotes a respect for the law in England and its institutions.
  • Older students receive careers guidance as they begin the International Baccalaureate
    programme and know about the options open to them on completion. Male and female
    students are equally ambitious to study at university.
  • During learning walks, pupils demonstrated positive behaviour in all classrooms. Both
    boys and girls show that they can work well individually, in groups and as a whole class.
    Some older students told the inspector that sometimes some pupils can distract them
    from their work. However, this type of behaviour was not seen by the inspector. The
    school makes clear its expectations of behaviour in its policy. When serious
    misbehaviour occurs, the school records it in detail and also the actions taken.
  • Pupils understand about different sorts of bullying. Students speak highly of the support
    of some staff in resolving issues. However, some older pupils say that there are a few
    staff who are not effective in helping to solve problems quickly. Nevertheless, they know
    who to speak with to get swift action.
  • The school teaches students about democracy, poverty and charity, and character and
    respect. Assemblies, alongside the academic and study skills curriculum, prepare
    students well for life in modern Britain. Students have opportunities to listen to external
    speakers, such as members of the police force.
  • The written policy for safeguarding and child protection is readily available on the
    school’s website and to visitors to the school. Safeguarding leads have completed up-to-
    date training. The school keeps a single central register of staff checks which meets
  • The school’s health and safety policy makes clear staff responsibilities. The school
    records of fire safety and other equipment checks and complies with the regulatory
    Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The school nurse logs all accidents. The school site is
    clean and tidy. It is well maintained.
  • Risk assessments for visits show that members of staff recognise risks to pupils. Heads
    of school check these and the Director signs them off. This contributes to students’
  • The school maintains an admissions and attendance register. The school is careful to
    ensure that they gather all relevant information from the outset, as a number of pupils
    arrive or leave the school during the school year.
  • The school has a written first-aid policy. The qualified school nurse has responsibility for
    first aid. First aiders are trained and there is permanent access to first-aid kits.
    Compliance with regulatory requirements
    The school meets all of the regulations in Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Independent Schools
    Standards that were looked at by the inspector.

Inspection team

Chris Campbell, Lead inspector Her Majesty’s Inspector

Information about this school

  • King Fahad Academy provides full-time education for boys and girls aged from three to
    19 years. It is a day school of religious character. The majority of pupils come from the
    local community. A proportion of pupils have moved to England with their families from
    over 35 countries across the world. A number of pupils leave during the school year, as
    their parents or carers find employment elsewhere.
  • Currently, 577 pupils are on the school’s roll, including 37 students in the sixth form.
  • The school teaches children and students in the early years and in the sixth form in
    mixed groups. In other years, boys and girls are taught separately.
  • The school delivers the International Baccalaureate Diplomla Programme in the sixth
    form and uses the Primary and Middle years International Baccalaureate curriculum
    programmes to prepare for this.
  • The school has no disabled pupils or those with a statement of special educational
    needs. However, it has a special educational needs and disabilities department where it
    provides specialist support for pupils who need additional help.
  • The school was last inspected in October 2012.

School details

Unique reference number 101957
Inspection number 463610
DfE registration number 307/6068
Type of school Day school
School status Independent school
Age range of pupils 3–19
Gender of pupils Mixed
Gender of pupils in the sixth form Mixed
Number of pupils on the school roll 557
Of which, number of pupils in the sixth
Number of part time pupils None
Proprietor Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Chair HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Nawaf Bin Abdulaziz
Principal General Director Dr Othman Ali Alzamil
Date of previous school inspection October 2012
Annual fees (day pupils) £2,000 – £4,000 per annum
Telephone number 020 8743 0131
Fax number 020 8749 7085
Email address reveal email: acad…


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