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Hillbrook School

Hillbrook School
Hillbrook Road

phone: 020 86723957

headteacher: Mrs Laurie-Ann Lamb

reveal email: adm…

school holidays: via Wandsworth council

503 pupils aged 2—10y mixed gender
630 pupils capacity: 80% full

270 boys 54%

≤ 283y454a134c165y476y397y238y199y2610y25

235 girls 47%

≤ 264a94b105y366y377y298y229y1910y23

Last updated: June 18, 2014

Primary — Foundation School

Education phase
Establishment type
Foundation School
Establishment #
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 528119, Northing: 171797
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 51.431, Longitude: -0.15841
Accepting pupils
3—11 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Ofsted last inspection
Feb. 6, 2014
Region › Const. › Ward
London › Tooting › Tooting
Urban > 10k - less sparse
SEN priorities
ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Special classes
Has Special Classes
Investor in People
Committed IiP Status
Free school meals %
Trust school
Is supported by a Trust

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School report

Hillbrook Primary School

Hillbrook Road, Tooting, London, SW17 8SG

Inspection dates 6–7 February 2014
Overall effectiveness This inspection: Outstanding 1
Previous inspection: Good 2
Achievement of pupils Outstanding 1
Quality of teaching Outstanding 1
Behaviour and safety of pupils Outstanding 1
Leadership and management Outstanding 1

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is an outstanding school.

The school has improved since the last
Achievement is outstanding. Pupils start
Teaching is outstanding. Teachers have very
The school is a very welcoming and caring
The school is successfully and expertly run by
inspection, and now provides an excellent
quality of education.
school with skills which are very low in
comparison to age-related expectations. They
make outstanding progress across the school.
high expectations of pupils and ensure
lessons are planned to a very high quality.
environment. Relationships between pupils
and adults are powerful, due in part to
excellent role modelling, and pupils knowing
they are all respected in this highly inclusive
the headteacher and deputy headteachers. All
of the staff, and governors, support their high
expectations, and want the very best for all of
the children in their care.
Pupils are excited and highly engaged by their
The curriculum is extremely memorable,
Parents and carers are very positive about the
The governing body is incredibly skilled at
Children in the resource base make an
learning environment. Their behaviour and
attitudes to learning are exceptional. Their
strong desire to learn in lessons and their
excellent application play a significant part in
their success.
offering a rich and exhilarating variety of
education their children receive and the
progress they make. They also believe that
their children are very safe and happy at
holding the school to account. Governors have
an excellent understanding of the school, its
strengths and areas for further development.
excellent start to school because they also
receive outstanding teaching.

Information about this inspection

  • Inspectors observed 29 lessons, 14 of which were joint observations with members of the senior
    leadership team.
  • Inspectors listened to pupils read and attended assemblies.
  • Meetings were held with a group of pupils, senior leaders, subject leaders, members of the
    governing body and a representative from the local authority.
  • Inspectors took account of the 29 responses to Ofsted’s online questionnaire, Parent View,
    comments from parent surveys carried out by the school, and the 40 questionnaires completed
    by staff. Members of the inspection team also spoke to parents and carers.
  • The inspection team observed the school’s work and looked at a number of documents,
    including school improvement plans, data on pupils’ current progress, pupils’ written work,
    governing body minutes, and records relating to behaviour, attendance and safeguarding.

Inspection team

Emma Merva, Lead inspector Additional Inspector
Michael Jude Additional Inspector
Ann Short Additional Inspector

Full report

Information about this school

  • The school is larger than the average-sized primary school.
  • The proportion of pupils eligible for the pupil premium, which provides additional funding for
    children in the care of the local authority, pupils known to be eligible for free school meals and
    those from service families, is well above the national average. There are currently no pupils
    from service families in the school.
  • The proportion of disabled pupils and those with special educational needs who are supported at
    school action is above the national average. The proportion of pupils supported at school action
    plus and with a statement of special educational needs is above the national average.
  • The large majority of pupils are of Black African, Pakistani and White British heritage. The
    proportion of pupils who speak English as an additional language is well above average.
  • The school has an Early Years Foundation Stage resource base, Little Hillbrook, which caters for
    children with autistic spectrum disorders.
  • The school meets the government’s current floor standards, which set the minimum expectations
    for pupils’ attainment and progress.
  • The school makes limited use of the local authority pupil referral unit.

What does the school need to do to improve further?

  • Refine the quality of teaching even more by:
    ensuring that pupils benefit even more from the guidance they receive by responding to
    teachers’ marking more consistently.

Inspection judgements

The achievement of pupils is outstanding
  • Standards of attainment by the end of Year 6 are broadly average. This represents outstanding
    progress, given that the children often enter the school with very low levels of skills and
    knowledge in comparison to those expected for their age, including, often, very limited English.
    As a result of the excellent teaching they receive when they enter the school, they make rapid
    progress and swiftly catch up.
  • Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage make good and often outstanding progress
    because of the very successful use of small groups to ensure the children get enough support.
    In the Nursery, children make very rapid gains in their learning. For example, in one class a
    small group of children showed they had the confidence to move to the front of the class to
    choose a secret sound for their classmates to guess. The children were excited and thoroughly
    engaged, wanting to answer the questions and making mature contributions. As a result, they
    all made excellent progress.
  • Typically, all groups of pupils, including those of Black African, Pakistani and White British
    heritage and those learning English as an additional language, make outstanding progress
    throughout the school.
  • Pupils relish the reading opportunities provided by the school. They read often and from a wide
    range of sources. For example, in a Year 6 literacy lesson pupils made outstanding progress as
    a result of a superb range of texts chosen about ‘the Aztec Warriors’. Results in the Year 1
    phonics check in the unvalidated 2013 results suggest that they were above the national
    average. Pupils have a very effective understanding of phonics (the sounds letters make) and
    the strategies to help them to read and sound out words they have not come across before.
    Pupils’ progress in reading both in Year 2 and Year 6 is outstanding.
  • Pupils who benefit from additional funding (the pupil premium) make exceptional progress, and
    when compared to their peers in school, their attainment is often better in reading, writing and
    mathematics. The support they receive includes small-group support, extra resources and
    specialist teachers.
  • Disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs make at least good, and often
    excellent, progress. This is due to their being given work which is well devised to meet their
    needs, and through being afforded the support of additional adults. Children in the resource
    base also make outstanding progress. For example, in a registration session, children settled
    quickly into their routine by singing songs with actions to help to support their coordination
The quality of teaching is outstanding
  • Teaching is outstanding across the curriculum, including in reading, writing, phonics and
    mathematics. This is demonstrated in lessons, in pupils’ work, and in their books which also
    show them making outstanding progress. Teachers have high expectations of all pupils, and
    provide excellent role models to show pupils how to do their best.
  • Pupils are highly engaged in their learning, which enables them to rapidly develop skills and
    knowledge imparted by the teacher. They benefit from challenging questioning. For example in
    a Year 3 literacy lesson the teacher skilfully played a clip about a lost kitten to allow pupils to
    develop listening skills, and then expertly checked their understanding and the extent of their
  • Consequently, pupils’ progress across the range of subjects is outstanding. For example, in a
    Year 3 science lesson on forces, pupils made rapid progress recording good scientific
    vocabulary, and showed an excellent focus on predicting what might happen during the
  • Pupils’ achievement and performance are efficiently tracked across the curriculum. Teachers are
    held to account through pupil progress meetings held with the senior leadership team to ensure
    all pupils are making outstanding progress.
  • Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs benefit from outstanding teaching.
    They are well directed, and highly effective planning enables individual pupils to succeed
    alongside their peers. For example in a Year 2 numeracy lesson, pupils with a statement of
    special educational needs made exceptionally rapid progress in counting and dividing, while
    being proficiently guided very effectively by additional adult support.
  • Teaching in the Early Years Foundation Stage and in the resource base is expertly planned by
    the teachers, together with the base manager. Excellent use of the additional adults ensures
    that children have access to many different activities which are engaging and allow them to
    make outstanding progress. For example, in a physical development lesson where children were
    balancing on the plastic bricks and on the peanut ball while counting to 10, they developed
    excellent sharing skills while playing in the outdoor area.
  • The learning environment is presented with vivid and colourful displays about London as a city,
    their local area, and on learning walls where their class work is exhibited to help provide next-
    steps learning.
  • Marking and feedback are of a very high standard. They are consistently applied across each
    year group and in every lesson. For example in a Year 4 art lesson, all pupils made rapid
    progress while drawing an elephant based on the work of an artist they had been studying
    because they had been given clear oral and written feedback in previous work; during the
    lesson pupils were able to build and develop their skills even further. However, what is still not
    as consistent across each class is the pupils’ response to their next steps to support their
    progress further.
The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding
  • Behaviour is typically outstanding. Pupils say that behaviour in their lessons is excellent,
    commenting that ‘Behaviour at lunchtimes is excellent and it is a happy and social occasion.’
    Parents, carers and staff also have a very positive view of behaviour.
  • Pupils’ attitudes to learning are exemplary. They are highly motivated, and want to learn. As a
    result there is an exceptionally strong learning environment in the school. Pupils take care of
    their work and present it neatly in an organised way. Their positive attitudes contribute to the
    outstanding progress they make. They are very proud of what they achieve.
  • They attend school regularly, and attendance levels are continuing to improve because pupils
    enjoy coming to school. Pupils are polite and welcoming, greet visitors and hold open doors.
    They move around the school quietly and sensibly showing respect both for each other and for
  • Pupils understand about different kinds of bullying, for example name calling and homophobic
    bullying. They respect the fact that there is very little bullying, and say that any that does occur
    is swiftly dealt with by adults. Exclusions are very low. School records confirm that bullying or
    harassment are rare.
  • The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. Pupils say they feel extremely
    safe. They are taught to keep themselves safe through assemblies and excellent pastoral
    programmes, such as in their personal, social and health education.
The leadership and management are outstanding
  • The headteacher is inspirational in her leadership of the school. She is highly supported by two
    very effective deputy headteachers and the governing body. Middle leaders are highly
    successful as a result of this clear leadership by the headteacher. They understand their
    responsibilities very well, and are accountable through very consistent monitoring and checking
    processes. Staff are highly motivated and say they feel very proud to belong to the school.
  • The systematic checking of teaching and learning, including the quality of teachers’ marking, is
    highly effective. Staff have access to regular high-quality professional development, as one
    teacher commented, ‘I have had very good professional development under the leadership of
    this headteacher.’
  • Teachers and leaders are held to account for the progress their pupils make. They receive pay
    rises linked only to the quality of the progress of their classes and the phases they lead.
  • The curriculum provides very memorable experiences and is exceptionally broad and balanced.
    It offers outstanding opportunities for children to develop wider skills. For example, Chinese
    Mandarin and cricket are taught in the extra-curricular programme. Social, moral, spiritual and
    cultural education is well planned and pupils develop tolerance and acceptance of differences.
    For example, in an assembly where pupils were learning and discussing the topic of education
    in Africa, they developed an effective understanding of children’s daily routine and practices in
    another country.
  • All pupils have ready access to a wide variety of excellent teaching, support, resources, clubs
    and activities. Consequently, equality of opportunity within the school is outstanding and well
    promoted across the curriculum.
  • The leadership of the Early Years Foundation Stage and within the resource base is excellent.
    This is demonstrated through the training and support the staff receive to help, support and
    adapt the provision.
  • Pupils benefit from additional adult support in physical education, made available through the
    sports funding initiative. As a result, pupils’ health and well-being are improved and they are
    able to participate in a wide range of sports, including lacrosse and tennis.
  • All arrangements for safeguarding meet the statutory requirements.
  • The school receives light-touch support from the local authority, and works very well with other
    schools in the area to provide additional support and coaching.
  • The governance of the school:
    The governing body is highly effective, ensuring that it is composed of a wide range of people
    with different skills and experiences and holding the school firmly to account. Governors are
    aware of the quality of teaching in the school, and are involved in ensuring that teachers’ pay
    increases in relation to good or outstanding pupil progress. They are informed very well about
    current pupil attainment and progress through very rigorous reporting by the headteacher to
    the governing body meetings. As a result they understand how the current progress of pupils
    compares nationally. Governors have produced a strategic plan for the use of the additional
    pupil premium funding. This is having a clear impact on pupils’ achievement. They meet their
    statutory responsibilities and ensure that they attend relevant training, such as safeguarding,
    and how to be an effective Chair of the Governing Body. They are well informed about the
    finances of the school.

What inspection judgements mean


Grade Judgement Description
Grade 1 Outstanding An outstanding school is highly effective in delivering outcomes
that provide exceptionally well for all its pupils’ needs. This ensures
that pupils are very well equipped for the next stage of their
education, training or employment.
Grade 2 Good A good school is effective in delivering outcomes that provide well
for all its pupils’ needs. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage
of their education, training or employment.
Grade 3 Requires
A school that requires improvement is not yet a good school, but it
is not inadequate. This school will receive a full inspection within
24 months from the date of this inspection.
Grade 4 Inadequate A school that requires special measures is one where the school is
failing to give its pupils an acceptable standard of education and
the school’s leaders, managers or governors have not
demonstrated that they have the capacity to secure the necessary
improvement in the school. This school will receive regular
monitoring by Ofsted inspectors.

A school that has serious weaknesses is inadequate overall and
requires significant improvement but leadership and management
are judged to be Grade 3 or better. This school will receive regular
monitoring by Ofsted inspectors.

School details

Unique reference number 101057
Local authority Wandsworth
Inspection number 440936

This inspection was carried out under section 8 of the Education Act 2005. The inspection was also
deemed a section 5 inspection under the same Act.

Type of school Primary
School category Foundation
Age range of pupils 3–11
Gender of pupils Mixed
Number of pupils on the school roll 502
Appropriate authority The governing body
Chair Iheke Ndukwe
Headteacher Laurie-Ann Lamb
Date of previous school inspection 10–11 May 2011
Telephone number 020 8672 3957
Fax number 020 8767 1081
Email address reveal email: adm…


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