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Heysham High School Sports College

Heysham High School Sports College
Limes Avenue

phone: 01524 416830

headteacher: Mr Maurice Graham


school holidays: via Lancashire council

1030 pupils aged 11—19y mixed gender
1276 pupils capacity: 81% full

525 boys 51%


505 girls 49%


Last updated: June 20, 2014

Secondary — Community School

Education phase
Establishment type
Community School
Establishment #
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 342594, Northing: 463018
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 54.06, Longitude: -2.8785
Accepting pupils
11—18 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Ofsted last inspection
April 1, 2014
Region › Const. › Ward
North West › Morecambe and Lunesdale › Heysham North
Urban > 10k - less sparse
Admissions policy
Main specialism
Sports (Operational)
Sixth form
Has a sixth form
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15 July 2014
Mr John Shannon
Heysham High School Sports College
Limes Avenue
Dear Mr Shannon

Requires improvement: monitoring inspection visit to Heysham High
School Sports College, Lancashire

Following my visit to your school on 14 July 2014, I write on behalf of Her Majesty’s

Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills to report the inspection

findings. Thank you for the help you gave me and for the time you made available to
discuss the actions you are taking to improve the school since the most recent
section 5 inspection.
The visit was the first monitoring inspection since the school was judged to require
improvement following the section 5 inspection in April 2014. It was carried out
under section 8 of the Education Act 2005.
Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring
improvement identified at the recent section 5 inspection. The school should take
further action to:

improve the learning environment within classrooms so that students’

work is celebrated and used as a prompt to support their learning.


During the inspection, meetings were held with you, other senior leaders, subject
leaders, the Chair of the Governing Body and four other governors, an associate
governor, groups of students and a representative from the local authority to discuss
the action taken since the last inspection. I toured the school with one of the senior
leaders and made brief visits to some lessons. The school improvement plan was
evaluated and other documents were considered including teachers’ planning of

CfBT Inspection Services
Suite 22
West Lancs Investment Centre
Maple View
T 0300 123 1231
Text Phone: 0161 618 8524
reveal email: enqu…
Direct T 01695 566932
Direct F 01695 729320
Direct email: reveal email: hcar…

learning, the new student progress log, and data showing the achievement of
students currently in the school.


Seven teachers have resigned their posts since the section 5 inspection which
judged the school to require improvement and nine new staff have been recruited
for September 2014, several of whom have started to work at the school ahead of
this date. A restructure of staff roles and responsibilities has been undertaken. A
leader has been appointed on a temporary basis with a specific brief to raise the
achievement of students eligible for support through the pupil premium.

Main findings

The section 5 inspection reported that you have invigorated the school in your first
year in post, raised staff morale and created a culture focused on maximising the
achievements of all students. During this monitoring inspection, senior and middle
leaders, governors and students were keen to emphasise how quickly the school is
moving on various fronts to become good. As one student explained convincingly,

change is about hearts and minds and ‘can’t be just done to people.’ You have won

over the school community; optimism and vibrancy now characterise Heysham High.
Since the inspection, you have continued to implement the improvement plan that
was recognised at the section 5 inspection as being clear and coherent. You identify
areas for improvement in meticulous detail, implement improvements carefully and
hold staff to account through a rigorous process of quality assurance underpinned by

a strong framework of accountability. There are numerous indicators of the

resurgence of the school; the remodelling of the school building, including the sixth
form centre, from within budget savings is making a positive difference to the
learning environment. The introduction of a new school uniform, substantial increase
in library books and better computer provision are all contributing to a sense of pride
and a belief among students and staff that they are valued.
Your work on improving the quality of learning is tireless, exemplified by a new
mantra: ‘Our students will recognise that with courage, determination, scholarship
and compassion, anything is possible’. There is evidence that this raised expectation
of all is beginning to have an impact on achievement; the school’s tracking data

shows that students’ progress is accelerating. The school’s predictions are for

achievement in 2014 to be more favourably aligned to national figures in English and
mathematics. You clearly stated your expectations of teachers when you took up
post and this direction has been welcomed. The monitoring you and your senior
team have undertaken indicates rising professional standards. You recognise that
there is still some way to go in ensuring that the best practice is consistently
embedded in all practice within and across departments, for instance in the quality

of marking and in the use of high quality display of pupils’ work.

The work of the ‘outstanding and beyond’ group of teachers that researches and
pilots approaches to teaching and learning is viewed very positively by colleagues.
There is a willingness to share good practice and developments such as the ‘Little
book of literacy’ illustrate a strong drive for pragmatic solutions.
Alongside improving quality class teaching you have also invested in interventions to
support students in danger of underachieving, particularly in reading and
mathematics. Early data indicate that these are starting to have a positive impact
and gaps in attainment are beginning to close.

The school curriculum has been adapted to meet students’ needs better and provide
them with appropriate introductions to subjects prior to the option process so that
they can make informed choices. There is clear promotion of the English
Baccalaureate alongside provision of vocational options. Students are particularly
enthusiastic about moving up year groups and starting new topics in July so that

there is a ‘better focus on learning’ and an avoidance of the lethargy that sometimes

accompanied the end of summer term in the past.
Expectations in the sixth form have been raised through an insistence that
qualifications count. The same expectations that appertain in the whole school have
been extended to the sixth form. The ongoing work on the improvement to buildings
and facilities is appreciated by students and staff who feel that a more professional
environment is being created.
The appointment of a national expert in pupil premium means that the school is well
placed to benefit from cutting edge approaches and to contribute its own work to
national debate. Characteristic of the school is its willingness to seek and build on
good practice; the thirst for learning that leaders hope to inculcate in students is
evident in their own outward-facing approach as a leadership team.
Students who I spoke with felt that behaviour was improving around the school as a
result of more consistent expectations. Much is being done to tackle attendance,
which continues to be low overall.
Governance has been strengthened through a restructuring of committees so that
communication, decision-making and time management are rationalised. A governor
has been given the specific brief of overseeing the spending and impact of pupil
premium. Governors have a clear view of the school’s priorities and the strategies
you are pursuing to secure improvement.

External support

The principal support for the school is through the headteacher of a Lancashire
school that is judged to be outstanding who has been nominated as your adviser. He
has given specific advice on making improvements to the sixth form through raising

aspirations, attendance and retention. He has also brokered the support of the local
authority behaviour consultant who has completed an audit of the school’s
arrangements to promote good behaviour and attendance. The school is acting upon
the recommendations of both these colleagues. You have sought external advice
yourselves from high-performing schools, professional associations and the
Department for Education on a range of issues from curriculum reorganisation to the
nuances of pupil progress data. Your constant seeking of different models against
which to judge and amend your own practice is indicative of your focused drive for
improvement. Governors have been supported in reviewing their practice by a
consultant who was formerly a National Leader in Education. The emerging work of
governors will be quality assured by the local authority adviser and through the
process of accreditation for the Governors’ Quality Mark.

I am copying this letter to the Chair of the Governing Body and the Director of Children's
Services for Lancashire.

Yours sincerely
Shirley Gornall

Her Majesty’s Inspector

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