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Elm Park Primary School

Elm Park Primary School
Southend Road
Elm Park

phone: 01708 451463

headteacher: Mrs Victoria Knox Ba Ma

reveal email: ayl…


school holidays: via Havering council

395 pupils aged 4—10y mixed gender
450 pupils capacity: 88% full

200 boys 51%


195 girls 49%


Last updated: Sept. 30, 2014

Primary — Community School

Education phase
Establishment type
Community School
Establishment #
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 552881, Northing: 185723
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 51.55, Longitude: 0.20355
Accepting pupils
4—11 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Ofsted last inspection
July 8, 2014
Region › Const. › Ward
London › Hornchurch and Upminster › Hacton
Urban > 10k - less sparse
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6 November 2014
Ms Victoria Morris, Headteacher
Elm Park Primary School
South End Road
RM12 5UA
Dear Ms Morris

Requires improvement: monitoring inspection visit to Elm Park Primary

Following my visit to your school on 6 November 2014, I write on behalf of Her

Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills to report the

inspection findings. Thank you for the help you gave me and for the time you made
available to discuss the actions you are taking to improve the school since the most
recent section 5 inspection.
The visit was the first monitoring inspection since the school was judged to require
improvement following the section 5 inspection in July 2014. It was carried out
under section 8 of the Education Act 2005. At its previous section 5 inspection the
school was also judged to require improvement.
Senior leaders and governors are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring
improvement identified at the recent section 5 inspection. The school should take
further action to:

 develop collaboration between middle leaders with a local outstanding

school to sharpen practices that improve teaching

 arrange further training for governors so they can improve the use of

assessment information to challenge and support the school.


During the inspection, meetings were held with the headteacher, other senior
leaders, a group of pupils, two members of the Governing Body and representatives
of the local authority. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss the actions
taken since the last inspection. The school improvement plan was evaluated
together with a range of school documents. Short visits were made to 8 lessons.
Informal discussions were held with pupils and I examined the work in their books.

Kings Orchard, One Queen
Street, Bristol
T 0300 123 1231
Text Phone: 0161 6188524
reveal email: enqu…
Direct T 0117 311 5323
Direct email: reveal email: suzy…


Since the last inspection 5 permanent members of staff have left the school and
were replaced ready for the beginning of the autumn term. The headteacher has
refined and clarified the areas of responsibilities for senior leaders.

Main findings

Senior leaders now have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. This is helping
them to check the quality of learning frequently and thoroughly. As a consequence,
teachers are being held to account for how well pupils learn. Senior leaders check on
planning frequently. This is leading to greater consistency in the quality of planning
and supports pupils of all abilities to learn well. Visits to classrooms confirmed that
activities engaged and interested pupils. They told me that they work harder this
year but also enjoy their learning more.

School leaders have made explicit their expectations of how teachers should mark
and check carefully that this is done. This is leading to greater consistency to the
advice and feedback that pupils receive. It contributes to the progress seen in their
books during my visits to classrooms. Pupils told me that they understand what they

have to do to respond to teachers’ marking. The work I saw in pupils’ books is

consistently well presented. This reflects the pride in their learning that pupils told
me about when I spoke with them. In almost all cases, pupils respond regularly to

teachers’ marking and this is helping them improve their learning. Pupils are

provided with a number of opportunities to write longer passages. Scrutiny of their
books showed me that many students are making good progress this year so far.
However this is not yet consistently the case for all students
Visits to classrooms showed that teachers have increasingly high expectations of

pupils’ behaviour. They have established clear routines for learning. As a

consequence, pupils work together positively. Pupils are keen to learn, offer their
views and are ready to listen to others. These behaviours are improving their
learning. In Key Stage 2 lesson, high quality discussion between pupils helped them
solve problems in mathematics and improved their skills quickly.

The school’s renewed policy for spelling is being applied consistently by teachers.

This is helping pupils to put right some of their mistakes. Senior leaders have
monitored how effectively this being done and, as a consequence, have changed
their plans to include teaching more clearly about how to learn spellings.
Leaders for mathematics and literacy work closely with other senior staff and
teachers to establish and develop good practice in these areas. This has led to
sharper work on phonics, supported by the local authority. Their work is contributing
to the key school priorities on planning and marking.
School planning is to the point. It addresses directly the areas that need to improve
identified at the last inspection. It has specific targets to help leaders and governors

check that the school’s improvement is good enough. The plan is carefully prioritised

to increase performance step by step. For example, focussed work

to develop middle

leaders’ skills is scheduled to start before the end of this term. Governors are playing

a greater role in monitoring school performance and gathering their own evidence

about how well pupils learn. Governors do not yet review the progress pupils are
making frequently enough.
Ofsted may carry out further visits and, where necessary, provide further support
and challenge to the school until its next section 5 inspection.

External support

The local authority’s support to the school is effective. The school improvement

partner has contributed to the school’s improving systems for monitoring. Specialist

consultants, for example in literacy, are contributing to the improvements being
made in planning. The local authority formally challenges the school at half-termly
review meetings. This helps the school ensure that improvement is sustained and

improves pupils’ performance.

I am copying this letter to the Chair of the Governing Body and the Director of
Children’s Services for Havering.

Yours sincerely
Chris Campbell

Her Majesty’s Inspector

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