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Danesholme Infant School

Danesholme Infant School
Motala Close

phone: 01536 741732

headteacher: Mrs Lucy Gotch

reveal email: bur…

school holidays: via Northamptonshire council

313 pupils aged 2—6y mixed gender
270 pupils capacity: 115% full

170 boys 54%

≤ 263y204a184b74c155y546y52

140 girls 45%

≤ 253y214a174b54c225y356y36

Last updated: June 20, 2014

Primary — Community School

Education phase
Establishment type
Community School
Establishment #
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 486133, Northing: 286724
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 52.472, Longitude: -0.73341
Accepting pupils
3—7 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Ofsted last inspection
Sept. 19, 2013
Region › Const. › Ward
East Midlands › Corby › Danesholme
Urban > 10k - less sparse
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9 December 2013
Ms Sandra Hunter
Danesholme Infant School
Motala Close
NN18 9DT
Dear Ms Hunter

Requires improvement: monitoring inspection visit to Danesholme Infant

Following my visit to your school on 5 December 2013, I write on behalf of Her

Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills to report the

findings of my visit. Thank you for the help you gave me and for the time you made
available to discuss the actions you are taking to improve the school since the most
recent section 5 inspection.
The visit was the first monitoring inspection since the school was judged to require
improvement following the section 5 inspection in September 2013. It was carried
out under section 8 of the Education Act 2005.
Senior leaders and governors are not taking effective action to tackle the areas
requiring improvement identified at the last section 5 inspection and plans are not
sharply focused on rapidly bringing about improvement. The school should take
immediate action to:

 secure the appointment of a Chair of the Governing Body
 ensure that the external review of governance is undertaken and that governors

quickly develop their skills in being able to challenge and support senior leaders

 sharpen your school improvement plan so that governors are able to check more

frequently the impact of teaching on pupils’ achievement and hold leaders to

account for the rate of improvement

 develop the skills of the leaders of Key Stage 1 and the Early Years Foundation

Stage further so that they are able to be fully effective in monitoring and
evaluating the work of the school

Serco Inspections
Colmore Plaza
20 Colmore Circus Queensway
B4 6AT
T 0300 123 1231
Text Phone: 0161 6188524
reveal email: enqu…
Direct T: 01216 799162
Direct email: reveal email: siob…

 ensure that the special educational needs co-ordinator checks more closely the

extent to which individual educational plans and intervention programmes are

having a positive impact on pupils’ achievements

 ensure that teachers develop their skills in using their information about pupils’

achievement in mathematics in order to provide work which challenges pupils of
different abilities.


During the visit, meetings were held with you and other senior leaders, members of
the governing body and a representative of the local authority to discuss the action
taken since the last inspection. The school’s action plans were evaluated. We

conducted a tour of the school. I considered your most recent assessments of pupils’
achievement. I looked at a range of pupils’ books.


Since the last section 5 inspection, seven governors have resigned including the
Chair of the Governing Body. Nine new governors have been appointed, five of

whom have commenced their role. A new Chair of the Governing Body has yet to be

elected. The governing body has appointed a new teacher to become leader for
mathematics from January 2014 following the retirement of the present post holder
at the end of this term.

Main findings

You have given staff clear guidance on what you expect to see in their practice
through the sharing of a set of ‘non-negotiable’ aspects of teaching. Through more
frequent visits to lessons you are checking the extent to which these are being
There have been some improvements to teaching in the Early Years Foundation
Stage. This is because there is a sharper focus upon providing children with more
appropriate activities which they undertake independently. As a result, children are
more engaged in their learning and they are developing their skills in reading,
writing and communication more quickly.
Teaching is not improving quickly enough in Key Stage 1. This is because teachers

have not improved their skills in assessing pupils’ learning. Consequently, on a daily

basis there has been little improvement in ensuring that pupils of different abilities
are being provided with suitably challenging work.

Pupils’ books show that they are not making fast enough progress, particularly in

mathematics. Pupils’ reasoning skills in mathematics are under-developed. This is
because pupils are rarely given the opportunity in which to apply their skills in
calculation in order to solve mathematical problems.
You have increased the opportunities for pupils of lower ability to be heard read on a
daily basis and you have re-structured the school day so that pupils have more time
in which to develop their skills in reading. Both approaches have helped pupils to
develop their knowledge of letters and the sounds they make (phonics) more
Leaders of Key Stage 1 and the Early Years Foundation Stage have developed their
skills in checking on the quality of teaching through visits to lessons. Although they
have provided staff with general feedback of strengths and areas for improvement,

they are not drawing upon evidence from pupils’ books and information on pupils’

achievements in order to provide individual teachers with more precise guidance of
how to improve. The special educational needs co-ordinator is not fully involved in
checking closely enough the extent to which individual education plans and

intervention programmes are having a positive impact on the rate of pupils’ learning.

Due to the high turnover of governors since the section 5 inspection, the governing
body has not yet undertaken the recommended external review of governance.
Governors have introduced a school improvement committee which has clear terms
of reference for checking on the rates of improvement. Governors acknowledge that
that their skills in being able to gather information independently so that they are
able to evaluate the rate of improvement remain limited. Your school improvement
plan identifies appropriate actions. It does not however, contain sharp enough
milestones or success criteria linked to pupils’ progress and attainment, so that
governors can check on the extent to which actions have been successful.
Younger children have benefitted from being taught how to play games.
Consequently, they are collaborating with each other better, making playtimes a
calmer experience.
Ofsted may carry out further visits and, where necessary, provide further support
and challenge to the school until its next section 5 inspection.

External support

The local authority has brokered support from the headteacher of Kilsby Primary
School. This has helped you to ensure that job descriptions are linked to teachers’
performance management so that you have a more effective system of holding
teachers to account.
The headteacher, deputy headteacher, leader of Key Stage 1 and a Key Stage 1
teacher have benefitted from working with Brooke Weston Teaching School Alliance.
This has helped to develop their coaching skills. The deputy headteacher and the
leader of Early Years Foundation Stage have participated in a leadership course
delivered by the local authority. This has helped to develop their skills in judging the
quality of teaching through visits to lessons so that they can ascertain general
strengths and areas for improvement.

I am copying this letter to the Chair of the Governing Body and the Director of

Children’s Services for Northamptonshire.

Yours sincerely
David Carter

Her Majesty’s Inspector

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