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Cams Lane Primary School

Cams Lane Primary School
Cams Lane

phone: 0161 7248018

headteacher: Mr D Young

school holidays: via Bury council

197 pupils aged 4—10y mixed gender
208 pupils capacity: 95% full

110 boys 56%


85 girls 43%


Last updated: July 21, 2014

Primary — Community School

Education phase
Establishment type
Community School
Establishment #
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 377510, Northing: 407310
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 53.562, Longitude: -2.341
Accepting pupils
4—11 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Ofsted last inspection
July 8, 2014
Region › Const. › Ward
North West › Bury South › Radcliffe West
Urban > 10k - less sparse
Free school meals %

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13 November 2014
Mr David Young
Cams Lane Primary School
Cams Lane
M26 3SW
Dear Mr Young

Requires improvement: monitoring inspection visit to Cams Lane Primary

School, Bury

Following my visit to your school on 12 November 2014, I write on behalf of Her

Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills to report the

inspection findings. Thank you for the help you gave me, and for the time you made
available to discuss the actions you are taking to improve the school since the most
recent section 5 inspection.
The visit was the first monitoring inspection since the school was judged to require
improvement following the section 5 inspection in July 2014. It was carried out
under section 8 of the Education Act 2005.
Senior leaders and governors are not taking effective action to tackle the areas
requiring improvement identified at the last section 5 inspection. The school should
take immediate action to:

 urgently increase the frequency and variety of strategies used to judge

the effectiveness of individual teachers. Use this information to ensure
that weaker teachers are effectively supported and challenged to

 review leaders’ current roles and responsibilities to ensure that these

are more effectively distributed across the leadership team; including

for the more experienced teachers

 increase the level of accountability for leaders at all levels, based on

the impact they are having on driving improvement in their given areas
of responsibility

 accelerate the process by which the effectiveness of governance is

being reviewed. Use the findings from this to urgently develop and
improve all governors, so they are better placed to hold school leaders
to account.


During the inspection, I held meetings with you and with three representatives of
the Governing Body. I also met with an adviser from the local authority, with your
school improvement adviser, and with the headteacher from your local support
school. I made short visits to each class and looked at a small sample of work from
Key Stage 2. I evaluated your school improvement plan, and other documentation
and evidence relating to the steps you are taking to improve the quality of teaching.


Since the section 5 inspection in July, the leader responsible for the Early Years and
also the special educational needs co-ordinator have left the school. These
responsibilities are now being shared by the headteacher and deputy headteacher.
Two newly qualified teachers took up post in September, and a new business
manager started this month. A governor from the partner support school – Christ
Church, in Walshaw – has been seconded onto the governing body.

Main findings

You have worked closely with the headteacher of your support school to put in place
a programme of training for all teaching staff. This has focussed on building

teachers’ competencies in teaching phonics (the sounds that letters make),

developing early reading and also in building leadership capacity at the school.
Teachers have observed effective practice and some have reflected well on this,
reporting on how they will change their own work in the light of what they have
learnt. However, you have not monitored the impact this training has had on
improving their practice. As such, you are unable to say if it has had an impact on
improving the progress pupils make.
Whilst you have conducted some short visits to classes, you have not systematically
checked on the effectiveness of individual teachers. Your checks on teaching have
not focussed on the areas for improvement from your last inspection. Whilst you
have concerns about some teachers, you do not yet have in place a support plan for
them, and do not use a range of evidence by which to check if they are improving
quickly enough. As such, weak teaching is not being effectively tackled. You have
reviewed the marking policy with staff, and pupils now have more opportunities to

respond to feedback from their teacher in ‘make a difference’ time. However, this is

sometimes tokenistic. It doesn’t always enable pupils to improve their work, or try
more challenging tasks. Also, whilst this practice was evident in pupils’ written work,
a similar approach in mathematics has not yet been developed. In this subject,
pupils receive little guidance as to how they can improve their work.
You have worked with your partner school to start the process by which you can
develop the skills of your subject leaders. However, too few members of staff are
carrying too much responsibility. There is no evidence yet, that subject leaders are
driving improvement in the classroom. In some cases, you are concerned about the

skills of some leaders. Whilst you have built leadership targets into their

performance review this year, it is still unclear how soon and against what range of
evidence you will be holding them to account.
Governors have commissioned an external review of their effectiveness and have
conducted an audit of their current skills. In conjunction with advice from the local
authority, they have also established a standards committee, whose purpose is to
check on the progress the school makes. Governors are only just starting to
appreciate the pace of improvement that is needed. They need considerable support
in order to effectively challenge school leaders.

External support

The local authority categorises the school as a school causing concern. They have
commissioned a national training school to work with school leaders and teaching
staff in order to build capacity and drive improvement at the school. The local
authority adviser and the support headteacher have a very clear view of what
improvements are needed. Some of the support provided has clearly impacted on

teachers’ practice, but the extent of this is currently unknown by school leaders.

I am copying this letter to Colin Jones, the Chair of the Governing Body, and to Mr
Mark Carriline, the Director of Children, Young People and Culture for Bury.

Yours sincerely
Philippa Darley

Her Majesty’s Inspector

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