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Al-Ikhlaas Primary School

Al-Ikhlaas Primary School
35 Norfolk Street

phone: 01282 618899

headed by: Khaleda Begum Head Teacher

school holidays: via Lancashire council

91 pupils aged 3—10y mixed gender
120 pupils capacity: 76% full

50 boys 55%


45 girls 49%


Last updated: July 7, 2014

— Other Independent School

Religious character
Establishment type
Other Independent School
Establishment #
Open date
April 15, 2010
Reason open
New Provision
OSGB coordinates
Easting: 385614, Northing: 438118
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 53.839, Longitude: -2.2201
Accepting pupils
4—11 years old
Census date
Jan. 16, 2014
Region › Const. › Ward
North West › Pendle › Whitefield
Urban > 10k - less sparse

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Al-Ikhlaas Primary School

Independent school standard inspection report

DfE registration number 888/6042
Unique Reference Number (URN) 136098
Inspection number 364338
Inspection dates 24–25 January 2011
Reporting inspector Mohammed Ismail

No. 090070

Independent school standard inspection report


Purpose and scope of the inspection

This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under Section 162A of the Education Act
2002, as amended by schedule 8 of the Education Act 2005, the purpose of which is

to advise the Secretary of State for Education about the school’s suitability for

continued registration as an independent school.

1, 2

Information about the school

Al-Ikhlaas is a Muslim Primary school for boys and girls aged 4 to 11 years. The

school is situated in the Nelson area of Lancashire and it is owned by the Fountains
of Knowledge which is a registered charity. The school was opened in January 2010

and it was registered in April 2010. This is the school’s first inspection. Currently,

there are 58 pupils on roll, including 12 four-year-olds in the Reception class; none
of whom are in receipt of funding from the local authority. Almost all children are
British of South Asian origin. There are no pupils with a statement of special

educational needs or who speak English as an additional language. The school’s

curriculum is based on the National Curriculum with additional provision for Islamic

studies. The school’s aims include: ‘to provide opportunities to develop social skills to

enable children to work with others, to demonstrate a caring attitude towards others

and to the world around them’.

Evaluation of the school

Al-Ikhlaas provides a good quality of education which meets the needs of pupils and,

as a result, they make good progress. The school meets its aims successfully by

making good provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development,
resulting in outstanding behaviour. The school’s provision for safeguarding pupils and

ensuring their welfare, health and safety is good. The school meets all of the
regulations for registration as an independent school. The overall effectiveness of the
Early Years Foundation Stage is satisfactory.

Quality of education

The curriculum is satisfactory, with some good features. The school offers all
subjects from the National Curriculum except music which has been replaced with

the recitation of the Qur’an


The school meets the academic needs of its pupils.

There is a detailed curriculum policy which is supported by appropriate, good quality

schemes of work for each subject area of the National Curriculum. The school’s



Independent school standard inspection report


provision for basic skills is good. In addition, it offers a balanced programme of

Islamic studies which includes various subjects, such as reading the Qur’an, a

selection from the traditions of the prophet, beliefs, social and moral teachings. The

school’s provision for Islamic studies prepares its pupils successfully for their future

lives. The curriculum in the Early Years Foundation Stage is satisfactory.
The school offers a satisfactory provision for information and communication
technology (ICT). There is a small number of computers in each classroom; they are

well used but pupils’ access is hampered by the limited provision. Plans are in place

to install more computers.

The school’s provision for personal, social and health education (PSHE) is good. This

is offered as a discrete subject as well as within the Islamic studies programme. The
school provides physical education (PE) satisfactorily within its available resources.
The provision of extra-curricular activities is limited but improving. There are plans
for starting various extra-curricular activities such as gardening, art and sport clubs
to enrich the curriculum. At present, some pupils take part in a boxing club which is
organised during weekends. Pupils visit the local library regularly and a few
educational visits were also organised last year. Plans are in place for more
educational visits during this year to enhance the curriculum.
The school successfully identifies pupils with lower attainment or in need of extra
help. Individual education plans are in place for such pupils to address their needs.
There are sufficient resources available for teachers and teaching assistants to
ensure the effective implementation of the curriculum and to provide good quality

support for individual pupils’ needs. As a result, pupils requiring extra help make

good progress. However, there is no policy or provision to identify gifted and
talented pupils in the school.
The school has established good links with other local Muslim and Christian schools
in the area. Plans are in place for joint learning projects and an exchange of visits to
help pupils to broaden their understanding of the wider community.

The quality of teaching and assessment is good overall. In most lessons teachers use
their professional skills well to plan and teach their lessons. The quality of lesson

planning is good. Teachers take pupils’ learning needs and prior attainment

appropriately into account in their lesson planning and give them the right level of
work to match their abilities. Teachers link their lessons effectively with different
subject areas of the curriculum. In most lessons, teachers adopt a variety of teaching
methods and activities to make their lessons more enjoyable and interesting. In a
satisfactory lesson most activities were teacher-led as a result teaching and learning
was less enjoyable than in other lessons.
The whole school works as a team and the relationships between teachers and pupils
are very good; pupils are regularly praised and encouraged to work hard. Pupils are
confident and willingly express their views and enjoy their lessons. Teachers are

Independent school standard inspection report


caring and supportive. Teaching assistants are assigned to all classes to ensure that
teaching and learning are effective for all pupils. Teaching in the Reception class is
satisfactory. Here, teachers plan and deliver their lessons appropriately and involve
children in different outdoor and indoor learning activities. The relationships between
teachers and children are very good in the Reception class.
As result of good teaching, almost all pupils are making good progress according to
their prior attainment and a few high attaining pupils are doing very well. Pupils
know their attainment levels in each core subject and their next target. The school
follows the national strategies to ensure that all pupils make good progress in English
and mathematics. There is an effective marking and assessment policy in place and

pupils’ work is marked regularly. Regular assessment cycles are in place. Teachers

use assessment to inform their planning effectively. The school keeps parents well

informed about their children’s progress and reports to parents annually. The school

enjoys good support from parents and the local community. One parent commented

in the pre-inspection questionnaire ‘I wish I had had the opportunity to attend such a

good school in my childhood.’

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils

The school’s provision for pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is

good. Pupils’ attitudes to learning are very good and their behaviour is outstanding.

Their attendance is excellent. They take part enthusiastically in classroom activities
and show pride in their work. They express love for their school. They are extremely
courteous and greet each other and visitors. They respect their teachers and
classmates. The children in the Reception class are also well behaved and well
developed socially.

The school prayers, assemblies and Islamic teachings reflect on pupils’ behaviour

which helps them to distinguish between right and wrong. There is an active school
council which holds regular meetings. This helps pupils to understand the concept of

democracy and that everyone is valued in society. The school’s good provision for

basic skills and the satisfactory provision for ICT help pupils to prepare effectively for
their future lives. They are encouraged to help others by raising funds for charities
and are given opportunities to help in school.
Pupils learn about British history and British institutions in English, history and
citizenship lessons. The school is regularly visited by the local community leaders,
and fire and health services. Pupils have the opportunity to work with another faith
school to help them understand cultural diversity. The school supports good
community cohesion effectively by inviting external speakers representing other
faiths and cultures to talk to pupils. An increase in the range of off-site visits is
planned to provide pupils with further opportunities to visit places of interest from
cultures different to their own.

Independent school standard inspection report


Welfare, health and safety of pupils

The provision for safeguarding pupils’ welfare, health and safety is good throughout

the school, including in the Early Years Foundation Stage. There is a suitable anti-

bullying policy which is implemented effectively. The school successfully raises pupils’

awareness about healthy food and healthy lifestyles through a policy which
encourages pupils to eat fruit at break time. All the required safeguarding and safer
recruitment policies are in place and all staff, including the designated child
protection officer, are trained at the required levels. Risk assessments meet the
regulations. The school has a first aid policy and there are first aiders who are
trained at the required level. The school has a fire risk assessment, all fire fighting
equipment is regularly tested and staff are trained in fire safety. The school has a
toilet for disabled people and the building is accessible for wheelchair users. The
school meets the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as amended.

The school’s attendance and admission registers meet the regulations.

Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors

All required checks have been undertaken to ensure that all staff and the proprietors
are suitable to work with children. The school maintains an appropriate single central
register of these checks.

Premises and accommodation at the school

The premises and accommodation enable pupils to learn safely and securely. There
are sufficient classrooms, an assembly hall and sufficient washroom facilities for the
number of pupils on roll. There is a suitable outdoor play area for the school and an
outdoor activity area for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Provision of information

The school meets all requirements by providing the necessary information to
parents, carers and others through an up-to-date prospectus and a website. The

school has an effective policy of reporting annually on pupils’ progress to parents,

carers and others. All parents were very supportive of the school in their responses
to the pre-inspection questionnaires.

Manner in which complaints are to be handled

The school has a complaints policy and a set of procedures which meet all of the
regulations. The school has taken steps to ensure that parents and carers are aware
of these procedures.

Independent school standard inspection report


Effectiveness of the Early Years Foundation Stage

The overall effectiveness of the Early Years Foundation Stage is satisfactory. All
children enjoy themselves and feel safe. The ratio of adults to children is good and
staff are appropriately qualified. Staff create an environment where children play
happily and have plenty of space to move around. Play and learning activities are
purposeful but mostly adult-led. Children play safely with a limited range of outdoor
toys and resources. They settle well as staff greet them and make them feel
welcome. They are confident and independent within the setting and know the
routines which make them feel secure. Children develop their independence and self-
care skills as they put on their own coats and put away their lunch boxes after
The quality of provision is satisfactory. Planning is developing appropriately. The use
of forward planning sheets allows staff to cater for group and individual learning
needs and to evaluate the success of the provision. Children act as helpers as the
need arises, which builds their self confidence and self-esteem. Children behave very
well and learn to respect others. They learn how to keep themselves healthy and
safe through discussions and physical activities. They also learn the importance of
good personal hygiene, as part of a healthy lifestyle. Children are confident and self-
motivated and are developing a variety of skills for the future. Children learn about
the wider world through a selection of toys and resources that promote equality and
diversity. Outcomes are satisfactory as children are making satisfactory progress in
all areas of development.
The leadership and management of the Early Years Foundation Stage is satisfactory.

Children are well safeguarded. The recording of parents’ permission for the use of

medicines in the case of emergency has still to be completed for all pupils. The
relationships with parents are good and they are well informed about the work of the

setting. Children’s records of progress need to be improved further. Self-evaluation

is accurate and shows that leaders understand how to improve the provision.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

The proprietor has ensured that the school meets The Education (Independent

School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010, schedule 1 (‘the Regulations’).

What the school could do to improve further

While not required by regulations, the school might wish to consider the following

points for development:

  • further develop the curriculum by improving ICT provision
    Independent school standard inspection report


  • improve the provision for gifted and talented pupils by ensuring that they
    are consistently presented with challenging work.

Early Years Foundation Stage

  • widen opportunities for children’s learning by increasing outdoor resources
  • provide a better balance between adult-led and child-initiated activities
  • complete the record of parents’ permission for the use of medicines in the
    case of emergency for all pupils
  • improve the effectiveness of the assessment process.

Independent school standard inspection report


Inspection judgements
good satisfactory inadequate

The quality of education

Overall quality of education
How well the curriculum and other activities meet the range of needs
and interests of pupils
How effective teaching and assessment are in meeting the full range
of pupils’ needs
How well pupils make progress in their learning

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Quality of provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural
The behaviour of pupils

Welfare, health and safety of pupils
The quality of the Early Years Foundation Stage provision

The overall welfare, health and safety of pupils
Outcomes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage
The quality of provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage
The effectiveness of leadership and management of the Early Years
Foundation Stage
Overall effectiveness of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Independent school standard inspection report


School details

School status Independent
Type of school Muslim Day School
Date school opened January 2010
Age range of pupils 4–11 years
Gender of pupils Mixed
Number on roll (full-time pupils) Boys: 31 Girls: 27 Total: 58
Number on roll (part-time pupils) Boys: 0 Girls: 0 Total: 0
Number of pupils with a statement of
special educational needs
Boys: 0 Girls: 0 Total: 0
Number of pupils who are looked after Boys: 0 Girls: 0 Total: 0
Annual fees (day pupils) £1,250
Address of school 35 Norfolk Street
Telephone number 01282 618899
Email address reveal email: head…
Headteacher Mrs Khaleda Begum
Proprietor Fountains of Knowledge

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